Ever wonder if your boat was comfortable to sleep on, how other people cook “boat food”, or what it would be like to wake up on the water? Get these questions and more answered on a TTPYC cruise!

TTPYC has a strong cruising history. We have cruises every month from March through September. There are several cruises which have become traditions, due to being on our calendar for years. In most years, around July or August a smaller group will cruise north to Desolation Sound.

You do not need to be a member of TTPYC to participate. Some cruises require registration and/or a nominal fee. We anchor, raft, and make use of dock space depending on available facilities and space at the chosen location.

Cruising Traditions

Crab Feed Potluck is held at Blake Island in March.

Minto Mingle includes racing Mintos and is held every June.

Fourth of July potluck on the beach at Tramp harbor.

Sleep-n-Creep in September at Dockton marks the close of the Club’s organized cruising season. This cruise is known for it’s man-maid (no pun intended) pancake breakfast and speculations on how this cruise got its name.

Details on scheduling and locations can be found under Events, on the calendar. Please contact the Cruise Chair for any questions.

Cruise Chair: Suzie Dix