The Barnacle is published by the Three Tree Point Yacht Club.

The Barnacle is TTPYC’s monthly newsletter that describes all of the upcoming social and racing events. It also shares photos and reviews of past events. The newsletter is published monthly, usually near the beginning of the month, and is emailed directly to members. Check out our membership application to get your own Barnacle email!

In addition to our standard monthly fare, we also publish extras submitted by our members. These have included great sales on boating supplies, contests, and information about sailing rules and regulations. The Barnacle is the newsletter for our organization and it reflects the creativity of our membership. So check out the archives, learn more about us, and, if you like what you see, come join us!

See you on the water!

Material for the Barnacle must be submitted by noon 1st of each month of publication to: Kristie Brame, editor email