Summer Series

The TTPYC Summer Series Races

Event Schedule…. The TTPYC Summer Series Races are a collection of 5 races that run through the month of June and into the beginning of July. Races are held on Thursdays with a scheduled 5 min warning at 6:25pm and starting gun at 6:30pm. For the exact dates of this years races please visit the Events Calendar or Events List page located under the Events tab on the navigation bar.

Events Calendar Race Series Registration

Prior to Race…. Please review the The TTPYC 2017 Racing Handbook for current rules and regulations. If you are new to the racing scene or even a seasoned racer in need of a quick reference feel free to visit the Racing for Newbies page.

Racing for Newbies 2017 Racing Handbook

Course…. The course will be laid out on the side of the committee boat prior to each race, take a moment and make sure you have the correct course. Have fun and be safe out there!

2017 Summer Series Race Statistics and Results!

Summer Series Results!