TTPYC Looking for Crew

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Please post here if you are a skipper looking for crew for an upcoming event.

8 Responses to “TTPYC Looking for Crew”

  1. Christine Nelson says:

    J29 Slick, we are looking for crew who can commit to a race schedule. Beginners are welcome.

    • Jim Thompson says:

      I used to sail with Bob Post a lot but he is selling his boat. Looking for someone else to sail with in the Des Moines races. Jim Thompson 253-330-7973.

      • Hey Jim I know that you posted this a while back but saw that Christine Nelson had submitted a post in January looking for crew, did you contact her in regards to an availability on her J29?

        • Mary Jo Taylor says:

          Hi. It has been a long time but I would like to get back into racing. I have been out of touch with TTPYC for a long time but was crew for Tom Davis on Suddenly for many years. I am able to commit to a series. Thanks.

          • MJ
            What a surprise to see your post. Glad to see you back in the area, give me a call when you got a few.

        • Never heard from her. Have seen the boat out and they seem to have a full crew.

  2. Billie Klein says:

    I have been out of the area for 15 years and would like to get back into the sailing scene on Puget Sound. I thought a good way to do that would be to crew in the relaxed group to begin, and move on from there. I am retired and living on Poverty Bay in Des Moines, so commitment for a series would be easy. I belonged to CYC at Shilshole for many years, owned a Ranger 29 and a Crown 34, have lots of cruising and racing experience. 25 years older and rusty, but passionate about it. Also I am looking for a small 20-24′ boat to share or buy.