Notice of Race

January 6, 2018 Duwamish Head Race

Notice of Race and Information (rev,11/28/2017)


Duwamish Head Race Officer - Chuck HendrickRace Fleet Scorer - Katherine Brunette
Assistant Race Fleet Captain - Gordon Kells-Murphy Fleet Handicapper - Mark Harang
Race Fleet Registrar - Regatta Network

Duwamish Head Race Registration

2018 Registrants and PHRF Classes

Duwamish Head Race Sailing Instructions


Start in a northerly direction between an offshore orange mark and the RC flag on the Des Moines Marina fishing pier, leaving the green navigation buoy to starboard. Leave The Duwamish Head Light and Blakely Rock Light to Port.  Finish in a southerly direction between offshore orange mark and the RC flag at the end of the Des Moines Pier, keeping the green navigation buoy to port

IMPORTANT NOTE: The green buoy is a limit mark, Do NOT sail between the pier and the green navigation buoy when starting or finishing.

Awards: Awards will be presented for first, second, and third in each class. The Azimuth Circle Award (TTPYC perpetual trophy for the Duwamish Head Race) will be engraved with the name of the overall Speed Potential Class winning yacht.  Trophies will be awarded at the end of the series.

Moorage: TTPYC has made arrangements for free moorage Friday night. A landing committee will monitor VHF 72 and assist you upon arrival. There will also be people to help launch trailer-able boats. Please let us know if you need these services on your registration.

Registration and Entry Fee: Skippers may register and pay by clicking on Registration Form above. Please note that you must register and pay online. Entry fee is $40.00. Late registration starts Friday, January 6th 2016, at $50.00. For Regatta Network Registration Please Note:

  • US Sailing Membership not required. You may leave this blank.
  • Birth date is a part of the form. We are unable to remove it. You may enter whatever date you wish.
  • Payment must be submitted with a credit card to complete your registration. After you have filled out and “Entered” your registration at the bottom, it will invite you to pay on the next page.
  • Please contact Shelley Conti, if you have questions.





Friday, the day before:

1600 to 2000: Computers will be set up for registration ($50.00), with help available at the tent on the guest dock. Hot food and drink will be available. Duwamish Head T-Shirts will be available for $15.00.  Official registration ends Friday at midnight, Saturday morning will be accepted but may not be in their proper class. 

1600 to 2000: A landing committee will be available to assist in mooring all boats.

1400 to 1700: A launching committee will be available to launch small boats (20-21’) on a limited basis. Please indicate on your registration form that you will need the launch, so we can assist you.


Saturday, day of the race:

0700 to 0900: Coffee and donuts will be available at the tent on the guest dock. T-Shirts will be available if not sold out.

The warning signal is the raising of the class pennant(s) or flag
Cruising and Commodore Classes (C flag)Warning Signal: 0925
Class 8 and 9 (8 & 9 Pennants)Warning Signal: 0955
Class 6 and 7 (6 & 7 Pennants)Warning Signal: 1000
Class 4 and 5 (4 & 5 Pennants)Warning Signal: 1005
Class 2 and 3 (2 & 3 Pennants)Warning Signal: 1010
Class 1 (1 Pennant, Multi-hulls)Warning Signal: 1015
IRC Class (0 Pennant)Warning Signal: 1020

The start will be broadcast on channel 72.

Around 1600 There will be a party with refreshments after the race in Anthony’s banquet room. We will try to have unofficial scores as each class comes in.

Contact Information: Contact Chuck Hendrick (360) 402-0312,