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Officers For Three Tree Point Yacht Club


Commodore – Steve Foss

Vice Commodore – Sarah Caudill

Secretary – Ray Valpey

Treasurer – Shelley Conti

Race Fleet Captain – Ross Chamberlain

Assistant Race Fleet Captain – Michael Hamilton

Past Race Fleet Captain - Dwight Motz

Past Commodore – Alan Riley


Trustees (through)


Andy Norton (2024)

Chris Caudill (2024)

Dwight Motz (2025)

Chuck Hendrick (2025)

Liam Burke (2025)




Appointed Officers


Cruise Chair: Dwight & Christa Motz

Social Chair: Doug Andrews & Linda Stryker

Membership: Debra & Ray Valpey

Communications: Kristie Brame

Webmaster:  Duane Rubash

Facebook: Linda Stryker

Historian: Carol Jones

Ship's Store: Janet Sission

Records & Roster: Tom Hubbard

PHRF Ratings: Mark Harang

RBAW Representative Rick Edel

Reciprocal Chair: Chuck Hendrick

Financial Advisory Committee/Future Task Force: Rick Edel

Des Moines Harbor Liaison/CAAC: Kerstin Hubbard

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