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TTPYC Pursuit Race - April 18th, 2020

Date TBD, will be scheduled in conjunction with a cruise




USSER Nearshore yachts or better.All owners or skippers, regard less of yacht club affiliation, are eligible to register for and participate in the TTPYC Pursuit Race. Temporary handicaps will be issued as needed.


Skippers’ Meeting


A non-mandatory skipper’s meeting will be held at Friday evening, 7:00PM, at the Des Moines guest dock, tent area. Detailed race information will be provided at that time.


Registration Deadline


Entries must be made via Regattanetwork by midnight of the Wednesday prior to the event.


Start/Finish Line


Start between the RC flag at the end of the Des Moines fishing pier and mark “K” leaving “K” mark to starboard.  Finish between the RC flag at the end of the Des Moines fishing pier and mark “K”. Finish in an easterly direction leaving “K” mark to port.



K C J K C K. Leave the start mark tostarboard as described above. Leave all remaining marks to port. There is no provision for a shortened course.


Distance 15.3 nautical miles.




Starting GPS time is the official start time.

The Race Committee will make no sound or flag signals during the start sequence except for OCS or delays. All boats, regardless of class will start in reverse order based on the Time on Distance handicapping method. Example: The slowest rated boat(s) will start first and the fastest rated boat(s) will start last. The first start will occur at approximately 10:00 AM. A Race Roster showing the exact starting times for each boat will be available at the Skippers Meeting and subsequently posted on the Anthony’s outdoor notice board. Start times may also be available via Regatta network, and may be communicated to competitors by e-mail.


Finishing GPS time is the official time for finishes.


The Race Committee will endeavor to record finishes and signal them with an audible sound; however, all boats are required to take their own time and report it via cellphone, text, or e-mail to the TTPYC scorer. In addition to time, finishers shall report the boat finishing immediately ahead and behind them (as applicable): 206-676-2136 or


Time Limit


No yacht may finish later than 1730 hours


Special Instructions


A minimum of two crew (including the skipper) are required on each competing yacht. For boats sailing with the noted minimum crew, any type of self-steering apparatus may be used during the event, but competitors must maintain a watch on deck at all times, and crew members must wear life jackets and whistles while racing. All boats are to carry installed radar reflectors.


Start Time


First Start 10:00


Over-Early Signals & General Recalls


The Race Committee will signal a boat that prematurely crosses the starting line with a Double Sound Signal and the over-early code flag “X”. The “X” flag will be displayed for 5 minutes or until the boat has re-crossed the starting line in the proper direction for the course. When more than one boat is over early at approximately the same time, Code Flag X will be dipped to acknowledge a boat that has restarted correctly then remain flying until all boats have properly started or when 5 minutes has elapsed since the last over-early boat crossed the starting line. It is the responsibility of each boat to verify that they are not over early by watching the committee boat as they start. There will be no general recalls. The Race Committee may attempt to hail an over-early boat via Channel 72, but has no obligation to do so.

Delayed Starts


Before the first boat starts, the Race Committee may signal a delay. The Answering Pennant (AP) accompanied by two sound signals will signal a delay. Each delay will last for 60 minutes. In the case of a delay, all competitors are responsible for adjusting their individual starting times. Once the first boat has started, there will be NO postponements for any reason.



Protests will be resolved before awards are presented. Protest must be filed within 2 hours of the yachts finish during the last race of the day. This amends TTPYC rules on protest filing time limits.



Awards will be presented Saturday immediately after racing.

Regatta Fee $35.00

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