IV-A Courses


Color coded placards will be displayed on the Committee boat for each mark to be rounded, beginning with the starting line and ending with the number of laps to be raced (if greater than 1). The placards will be red if the mark is to be left to port and green if the mark is to be left to starboard.



A-L-A 2 (A-L-A all red) Means to start between the Committee boat and mark A, passing buoys A-L-A to port, and go around the course twice.


IV-B Multiple Courses


In the event two or more courses are to be used, a placard indicating individual classes will precede each of the posted courses.




SP A   A L I A 2               or                   SP A / SP B   A L H A 2

SP B   A L I A                                         SP C                A L H A

SP C   A K H A 2

IV-C Racing Marks and Descriptions


(See racing area chart on back cover for approximate mark locations)

A - Permanent TTPYC spar buoy off the southwest corner of Des Moines Marina breakwater

B - Temporary buoy set approx. 1.5 NM north of fishing pier

C - Permanent TTPYC spar buoy 0.1 NM south east ofThree Tree Point

G - Red nun buoy in entrance to Quartermaster Harbor

H - Temporary buoy set 0.2 NM south of “A” mark

I - Permanent TTPYC spar buoy approx. 1.0 NM south of fishing pier

J - Permanent TTPYC spar buoy set 0.5 NM south west of Pt. Robinson

K - Permanent TTPYC spar buoy set 0.5 NM north of “A” mark and 400 yards north of the fishing pier.

L - Permanent TTPYC spar buoy approx. 0.7 NM north of fishing pier


IV-D Buoy Distances

Official Course Distances in Nautical Miles. Also please use the GPS format of DD’MM.MM’

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​IV-E Buoy Locations


Location in GPS format of DDº MM.MMM


N 47º 23’ 835

W 122º 19’ 987

Depth – 55ft+

Replaced 3/19/2013

Currently Missing

Retrieved 01/09/2021


N 47º 26’ 885

W 122º 22’849

Depth – 184 ft++

Replaced 3/19/2013

Currently missing

Retrieved 6/10/2020


N 47º 24.239

W 122º 20.174

Depth – 80 ft+




Currently missing

Retrieved 10/14/2020


N 47º 23’ 149

W 122º 19’ 993

Depth – 86 ft++

Replaced 4/23/2013

Currently Missing

Retrieved 1/21/2020


N 47º 22’ 973

W 122º 22’ 595

Depth – 75 ft+

Replaced  5/10/2017


N 47º 24’ 774

W 122º 20’ 792

Depth – 59 ft++

Currently Missing

Retrieved Date unsure



B (Temporary Mark Location)


N47º 25’ 322

W122º 21’ 338

Depth – (0.6 NM North of L Mark, Depth 90ft)+


N 47° 20.93

W 122° 28.76H


H (Temporary Mark Location)

N47º 23.609

W122º19’ 995

Depth –(400yd South of A Mark, range mark at South end breakwater with water tower. Depth 90ft)+


NOTE: Strobe lights on race marks are not allowed by USCG (only incandescent lights)

 +  Depth at mean LLW per USCG

++ Depth at mean LLW per TTPYC

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