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Cruise Schedule


Blake Island

Arrive: Friday March 22, 2024

Depart:  Sunday March 24, 2024

Distance: 10.7 NM

Time: 1H:47M @ 6Kts

Host: Christa & Dwight Motz


Gig Harbor - Arabella's

Arrive: Friday April 12, 2024

Depart: Sunday April 14, 2024

Host: Emmelie & Ben Stewart and Tina & Bud Musselman

Distance: 11.2 NM

Time: 1H:42M @ 6Kts


Bell Harbor

Arrive: Friday May 3, 2024

Depart:  Sunday May 7, 2024

Distance: 15.5 NM

Time: 2H:35M @ 6Kts

Host: Carol Jones


Port Orchard Marina

Arrive: Friday June 7, 2024

Depart: Sunday June 9, 2024

Distance: 19.7 NM

Time: 3H:17M @ 6Kts

Host: Mick & Candy Rice and Janet & Steve Sisson

Date Change


Tacoma Dock Street

Location Change

Arrive: Friday September 20, 2024

Depart: Sunday September 22, 2024

Host: Host Needed

Call Marina to make individual reservations

Distance: 15.5 NM

Time: 2H:35M @ 6Kts

Past or TBD

Winslow Wharf Marina.jpg

Winslow, Bainbridge Island

Arrive: Friday June 9, 2023

Depart:  Sunday June 11, 2023

Distance: 15.0 NM

Time: 2H:30M @ 6Kts



Distance: 20.6 NM

Time: 3H:26M @ 6Kts


Port of Poulsbo

Arrive: Friday September xx, 20xx

Depart: Sunday September xx, 20xx

Distance: 25.3 NM

Time: 4H:12M @ 6Kts

Arrive: Friday June 10, 2022

Depart:  Sunday June 12, 2022


Host: Host Needed

Eagle Harbor
Bainbridge Island City Dock

Distance: 16.0 NM

Time: 2H:39M @ 6Kts

Arrive: Friday August 13, 2021

Depart:  Sunday August 15, 2021


Host: Host Needed

Brownsville Marina is just up from Bremerton. Peaceful area with great shelter.

Brownsville Marina

Distance: 20.1 NM

Time: 3H:20M @ 6Kts

Arrive: Friday July 23, 2021

Depart:  Sunday July 25, 2021


Host: Dan Downhour & Kim Carroll

For those whom are heading a little further north in July ,   We wanted to have a rendezvous point. Kingston has great amenities and a Saturday Farmers Market . I am hoping we will be in Phase at this point. I reserved 12 slips, but I can adjust as I get more feedback from members.

Kingston Marina

Distance: 24.5 NM

Time: 4H:04M @ 6Kts

Arrive: Friday TBD

Depart:  Sunday TBD



Distance: 18.3 NM

Time: 3H:03M @ 6Kts

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