Cruise Schedule

Cruise Chair: Daniel Downhour

Arrive: Friday May 7, 2021

Depart:  Sunday May 9, 2021

Host: Carol Jones

Join us again for the Bell Harbor /Post Cinco de Mayo cruise

You will be responsible for making your own moorage reservations for this cruise

Bell Harbor

Distance: 15.5 NM

Time: 2H:35M @ 6Kts

Arrive: Friday June 25, 2021

Depart:  Sunday June 27, 2021

Host: TBD

Tacoma Dock Street

Distance: 15.5 NM

Time: 2H:35M @ 6Kts


Arrive: Friday TBD, 2021

Depart:  Sunday TBD, 2021

More Details Later

Blake Island

Distance: 10.7 NM

Time: 1H:47M @ 6Kts

Arrive: Friday TBD

Depart: Sunday TBD

Arabella's still not taking reservations

Maybe later...

Gig Harbor - Arabella's

Distance: 11.2 NM

Time: 1H:42M @ 6Kts

Arrive: Friday TBD

Depart:  Sunday TBD


Distance: 18.3 NM

Time: 3H:03M @ 6Kts

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