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Replacement Name Badges can be ordered by contacting Tom Hubbard


GGC embroidery has a TTPYC “Store” on their website.

Anyone can order from their at anytime. You can also take in anything you want embroidered and they will do it.

  1. You will need to set up your own personal account, by Registering on line.

    • TTPYC’s customer number is 4394596

    • TTPYC’s logo number is 0861587

  2. Once you have established your personal account you can order the items with the TTPYC logo. You only have to register one time.

    • If you want to personalize your order with a monogram, i.e. your boat name or your name. In the Special Request box put monogram -the name, the color of the thread for the monogram and the font (style #) and description of the monogram.

    • Cost of logo per item $5.50

    • Cost of monogramming per item $5.00

    • Any questions or if you wish to order by phone call 1-800-587-1541

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