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Three Tree Point Yacht Club will be hosting the Summer Solstice Sail Social benefiting the Des Moines Area Food Bank.


 The event is organized around an evening of casual sailboat races and will be held on


Wednesday June 19th, 2019

Des Moines Marina


The races kick off at:

6:30pm for the racing class

6:35pm for the cruising class

Join us for the after race social at the Des Moines Marina guest dock. Food will be provided and a chance to win great prizes! 100% of all donations made will go directly to the Des Moines Area Food Bank. We look forward to seeing you for this great cause!


Sailing Instructions: There will be two starts

The first start will be the Racing Class and this class will race under the Racing Rules of US Sailing. Any amendments to these rules are noted below.

The second start will be the Relaxed Class. This class will race under the rule that you are on the course to have fun and enjoy the evening. All communication between boats should be positive and friendly. This class will race under the Relaxed Rules stated below.


Relaxed Rules of Sailing


  1. The primary rule is that we are on the water to have a fun evening of sailing.

  2. Contact with another vessel will be avoided at all times.

  3. On opposite tacks or gybes, the boat on starboard tack shall have right of way.

  4. Slower boats shall allow faster boats to pass either to windward or to leeward.

  5. No luffing start.

  6. Allow the inside boat room when rounding a mark.



Everyone is welcome! Membership in Three Tree Point Yacht Club IS NOT REQUIRED to race in the Summer Solstice Sailing Social  . You may enter by Texting Dan Downhour at 206-369-0884 prior to the start. All racers and crew are encouraged to participate in the after race food and drink on the guest dock! Food and drinks will be provided by our Gold Sponsor of the night. You can even win a cool prize(s)!



The Racing Class will be made up of those who have racing experience. These participants will probably start more aggressively. The Relaxed Class is recommended for all others.



The course will use the existing Three Tree Point permanent buoys north, south and in front of the Des Moines Marina. See the enclose map. The course will start in a southerly direction with a south wind and in a northerly direction for a north wind. The course will be the same each week but started in the direction of the wind. For a northerly start the marks will be rounded to port. A southerly course the marks will be rounded to starboard. The Race committee will display Green placard for a southerly start and a Red placard for a northerly start.


Start/Finish Line

The start and finish will be off the fishing pier between the green entrance buoy and a temporary orange inflatable mark set to the west of the entrance buoy.

Starting System

The starting system will be a Sound Signal Starting System. The staring sequence will start at 6:20 pm. The first start will be 6:30 pm.


Signal                          Sound                  Time Before Start


Warning                      1 Long                   10 minutes

Preparatory                1 Long                   5 minutes

Racing Class              1 Long

Relaxed                      1 Long                    5 minutes after first start

Time Limit

The time limit for the race is one hour and thirty minutes from each start. To qualify for the prize drawing each boat must complete the course. If a boat feels that they can not finish by sailing then they may turn on their engine and motor around the course to complete the course.


Light or No Wind

No race will be cancelled. If there is no wind, use your engine to complete the course.

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